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  • Resorts and Hotels
    My Holiday Club has 100000 partner hotels & resorts across India and abroad. For a span of 10 years from now, on every resort or hotel booking that you do through us, you will get 10% to 50% discounts, once again “Savings Assured” As our privileged member, you will save not less than Rs.10000/-, per year, while you travel on using a My Holiday Club membership card.
  • Difference between My Holiday Club and Travel Agents?
    Travel agents take a big amount of money as commission from the money paid by you! It's your money going straight into the travel agent's kitty. My Holiday Club doesn't charge the commission out of your tour, it's basically the concept of “Zero commission” for its members. Our members save a lot of money from every tour through us.

    Does that sound great!!!
  • Difference between My Holiday Club and Online travel portals?
    Online travel companies don’t have any relationship with their customers, they don’t see them directly. Online travel companies never give holiday packages directly, it’s the sub-agents, who do it for them. They earn both ways from the sub-agents and the customer who book through their portal.

    My Holiday Club is a travel club that will be always with its members, it is fully dedicated to serving the members 365 days. Our team is always accessible and reachable over the phone during the tour and has a dedicated travel team to look into matters for each tour. Every year we conduct members' meet in all metro cities.
  • What is the difference between My Holiday Club and Time Shares companies?
    Timeshare companies collect a lot of money before giving the service itself. For example, they collect nearly 5 Lakhs to 18 lakhs for the membership and give 25-year holiday FREE of cost. Here we would like to make it more clear. Try calculating the interest of 6% for 5 lakhs annually, which mostly gets them Rs. 30000/- and added to it the annual maintenance cost of Rs.22000/-, altogether it adds up to a whopping Rs.52000/- yearly, per membership.

    They promise that they will give every year a 7-night holiday FREE.

    Check the cost of the “FREE” holidays - Rs.7429/- per night. It's again going from your money.
  • who is paying for the holiday as a timeshare member?
    Now the next catch is the location of the resort suggested by the Timeshare company... It will be too far from the main town and you will not have any options for your food but only from them, at least twice. At any cost four members of a family have to spend Rs. 550/- for dinner and 350 for breakfast, minimum per person, which for a person comes to Rs.900/-. Now it gets multiplied for four members of the family, which makes it Rs.3600/-. The seven days holiday meals will cost somewhere around Rs.25200/- Timeshare companies give only rooms but the food has to be paid for while on tour. My Holiday club hotels give breakfast and dinner along with the packages, included in their special rates.

    Now just see the amount you are spending on a timeshare on average every year.

    Interest 6% on the minimum membership of Rs.500000 is Rs.30000/.

    The annual maintenance Fee mandatory which a member has to pay is Rs.22000/.

    The food expenses for 7 days is Rs.25000/.

    So total Rs.50000 + Rs.30000 + Rs.220000 = Rs.102000/. ( One lakh and two thousand)

    The next catch, in the travel arrangement by the Timeshare company, is the usage of any services/facilities at the resort. All things you use at the resort-like cycling, swimming, and so on is billed on you.
    The next catch is that if you want to book a holiday at your time, it’s never going to be possible. You will have to wait for their time and availability. Now My Holiday Club gives all the freedom of holiday reservations, any number of times in a year – and that now is the real Freedom.

    You don’t need to pay a huge sum of money for the membership. But at the same time you get:

    • Great Savings
    • Super Service
    • Quality drivers
    • Quality Vehicles
    • Everywhere local representatives to assist you.
    • Quality hotels verified by our local representatives
    • Good secure holidays for your family
    If this rings any bells and sounds great, then come and join My holiday Club!!!
  • Business Opportunity for Members
    If you have good contacts you can convert that into business and earn money through MHC Holiday referral scheme. A Steady income of minimum Rs.25000/. they can earn as a member, based on the tour requirement.
  • Cab bookings
    MHC has had 100% satisfied customers in the last 15 years and counting. Our cab providers are our strong backbone, with an array of trustworthy drivers, the best quality cabs, the best service, and the best rates. As our privileged member all your cab bookings through us will save a lot of your hard-earned money for the next five years - “Savings Assured”
  • Tension-free Holidays
    MHC privilege card provides you the opportunity to have round the clock support when on a tour through us. You as our privileged member will have a very peaceful holiday for the next 5 years. Our Resident Representatives will make you utmost comfort and ensure smiles throughout your Holidays - “Peace of mind Assured”
  • Group tours
    MHC continuously reinvents itself. We understand the uneasiness of going on tours with unknown people. With us, as our privileged member, you become part of a big travel and adventure-loving family. As a club, we organize get-togethers every 6 months, which will keep the members connected and so while on a group tour you will be with known people which will give a very pleasant touch to your national and International tours - “Peace of mind Assured”
  • Connect
    MHC connect will make your privileged membership an eventful journey. The get-togethers every 6 months will provide a social platform for you and your family. These get-togethers will be interestingly themed with many games and competitions for you and your family. This will ensure different confidence in your life - “Peace of mind Assured”
  • CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility
    MHC sincerely proves to be a responsible corporate. Every time a member travels through us, you as a member are indirectly helping a child - supporting the education and overall growth; thus, making you a proud citizen of India and the world. Also, we are looking ahead to a paperless office - Every communication to its members will be done online. The booklet you receive, your travel vouchers, bills every document related to MHC will be mailed to you. Thus you are also helping us in saving our trees – Nature.

    Let us join together for a better holiday world!!!