Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
  • 1.Does the chauffeur speak English / Hindi ?
    All our chauffeurs speaks & understands either English or Hindi.
  • 2.Does the chauffeur speak English / Hindi ?
    All our chauffeurs speaks & understands either English or Hindi.
  • 3.How many persons can be accommodated in a Double Room?
    Only 03 Adults are allowed to stay in a Double room with an extra mattress .s If in case 4 members we required to have prior approval from the hotel.
  • 4.Is there any fixed date for the packages ?
    There are no fixed dates for the packages. The Exclusive packages are operated according to the arrival date of the guest.
  • 5.Is sightseeing possible during night at any of the destinations ?
    NO. Sightseeing is NOT possible at any of the destinations after 17:00 Hrs
  • 6.How many crew members will be there at the houseboat in Kerala apart from the guest ?
    There would be 03 crew members in the houseboat. The Captain ,an Oarsmen, and a cook would accompany the guest.
  • 7.Will the car and the chauffeur remains the same till the end of our trip?
    The car and the chauffeur will be at your disposal till the end of your trip. In some cases the car / chauffeur might change.
  • 8.Apart from the packages shown in your website, do we get customized package according to our requirement?
    Yes. We can create tour packages according to your requirements but only with the hotels / resorts featured in our hotel list.
  • 9.Are bathtubs available at all hotels/resorts featured in your hotel list?
    NO, bathtub is NOT available at all the hotels / resorts mentioned in our hotel list. But in some hotels the higher category rooms do have a bathtub.
  • 10.Can I know the availability status of a particular package on a Sunday ?
    NO. Reservation availability status cannot be known on a Sunday. Reservation availability can be known only on working days ( Monday – Saturday) between 10:00 Hrs and 17:30 Hrs
  • 11.Can I know the Hotel / Tour Package availability status over phone ?
    NO. Availability status of the hotels / tour package can be known by sending an email to with the exact travel date / check-in date clearly mentioned in the email
  • 12.How do I make reservation for a particular package shown in your website ?
    For reservations, kindly forward us an email to clearly mentioning the exact travel date and the arrival dates at the destination.
  • 13.What’s the best mode of communication to contact your Co.?
    The best mode of communication to contact us is by sending an email to
  • 14.Do all the hotels /resorts/ houseboats featured in the package have western toilets?
    YES. All the resorts / hotels featured in the tour packages have Western Toilets.
  • 15.Do you operate group tours?
    Yes , we do operate group tours.
  • 16.Can i have Jain food ?
    YES. Jain Food can be provided on ADVANCE request.
  • 17.Is vegetarian food available in Hotels/resorts ?.
    YES. Both Vegetarian and NON-Vegetarian Food is available at all the hotels / resorts featured in the Tour Packages.
  • 18.Can i make my own menu in the Houseboat ?
    YES. You can chose from the list of Food Menu available in the Houseboat. In-order to view the food menu online.
  • 19.Will i be picked up from the Airport ? Railway station ?
    Airport / Railway Station pick-up is included in all the tour packages featured in our website, EXCEPT for the houseboat cruise packages.
  • 20.How safe are Houseboat stay ?
    The houseboat crew boat take special care to meet the needs of the tourists.They are also given special training in first aid and life saving techniques to meet if any emergency arises. Hence there is nothing to worry about safety.
  • 21.Is Houseboat rented on exclusive basis or shared ?
    Houseboat is reserved on EXCLUSIVE Basis only and NOT ON Shared basis.
  • 22.Do i get a dedicated chauffeur driven car or a shared car ?
    All Our Tour Packages are EXCLUSIVE TOURS and NOT part of a Group Tour.
  • 23.How do i receive the receipt and the Hotel vouchers ?
    The receipt and the hotel vouchers shall be emailed to you, once the payment is received by us.
  • 24.Can i make credit card payment offline?
    YES. Inorder to make an Offline Credit card payment, you have to forward us your credit card details (card no., expiry date & CVV/CVC no.) and have to authorize us to collect the payment on your behalf, by filling a form and returning the form to us by email / fax
  • 25.What are the payable modes available ?
    Payment can be made by Cheque / Demand Draft / Credit or Debit Card online.
  • 26.How can i reserve a particular package ?
    For reservations, kindly forward us an email to clearly mentioning the exact travel date (date of your arrival in India)
  • 27.Indian Nationals require entry permit to visit Lakshadeep island ?
    All visitors ( BOTH Indian & Foreign Nationals ) to Lakshadeep Islands requireEntry Permit which shall be arranged by us
  • 28.Is VISA a must to visit India ?
    A Visa is a must to enter India for Foreign nationals. You can contact the Indian Embassy / High Commission in your country for the same. It is best to carry your passport with you all the time. You may also carry a travel insurance. However, Visa On Arrival Facility is also available to many countries. Please get in touch with us to know whether your country nationals can avail “Visa On Arrival” facility.
  • 29.Do you arrange packages to hotels, what is mentioned in your list of selected hotels ?
    YES. We arrange packages to hotels/resorts mentioned in our list of selected hotels
  • 30.What is your refund policy when we book a holiday ?
    Lean Season Cancellation has to be done at least 02 days before the check-in date - FULL advance amount will be refunded High Season Cancellation has to be done at least 07 days before the check-in date - 95% of the advance amount will be refunded Peak Season Cancellation has to be done at least ONE MONTH before the Check-in date – 90% of the package amount will be refunded. For Cancellations done TWO MONTHS before the check-in date, full amount will be refunded. There will be NO Refunds for cancellation of reservation for 25 December and 31 December. Cancellations during peak season is NOT entertained High Season Cancellation has to be done at least 07 days before the check-in date -95% of the advance amount will be refunded For all Deluxe packages, 50% of the total package cost has to be deposited as advance, on confirmation of the package Cancellation for deluxe packages has to be done at least 01 month in advance. 90% of the package amount will be refunded. For Cancellations done TWO MONTHS before the check-in date, full amount will be refunded, for deluxe packages
  • 31.What are the other annual charges in Time Share companies?
    Apart from the one-time purchase price for your Timeshare, RCI Membership, and the Exchange Fee, you would also have to pay an Annual Maintenance Charge, which, currently, ranges from Rs. 2,450 to Rs. 4,850, depending on the size of your apartment in your home resort. In addition, some resorts levy a variable Utility Charge for every night you stay in them. Also remember that resorts are often far from urban centers, and meals don't come with your Timeshare. Budget for transportation and food, but even that may change.
  • 32.How much you have to invest for My Holiday Club membership ?
    Just few thousands only .
  • 33.How much must I invest for Time Share ?
    Approximately from Rs.5,80000 to Rs.86000/.
  • 34.How do you compare My Holiday Club with Time Share companies?
    My Holiday Club Membership Strong variety and diversity of destinations and residences types (resort and stand-alone) Availability to travel throughout the year (not locked into specific week or weeks) Access to high end, private residences, including larger 4 to 6 bedroom ones, that you couldn’t get otherwise Customized concierge service offering to plan trips before and during your stay Time Share Time share companies will not allow you to travel on your time , but as a My Holiday Club membership give you full freedom to choose your holiday at any time. Time share companies will not be flexible on dates. You will land up in paying a huge amount before using the service. There is annual maintenance if don’t use the service also. Courtesy to the Hindu National daily The resort in which you have bought your week is called your Home Resort. You are entitled to spend that particular week, say from the first Saturday in February, in your home resort for as many years as you have paid for. Nowadays the normal period is 25 years. In other words, your single investment will give you a week's vacation accommodation, every year, in your home resort, for the next quarter of a century. Most people, however, do not want to spend their vacation at the same resort at the same time for two-and-a-half decades. They seek variety. This is the real essence of Timeshare. If your home resort belongs to a Timeshare exchange organisation, then you have the option of banking your Timeshare week with the organisation and exchanging it for a week in another Timeshare resort. Things become a little more complex now. Whenever a week is deposited in the spacebank, the exchange organisation gives it a value known as its Trading Power. This is calculated on five factors : supply and demand, the greater the demand for your week, the more its Trading Power; the resort's quality rating, based on holiday questionnaires filled in by those who have vacationed there; the size of the accommodation and how much privacy it gives to its occupants; your "Red," "White" or "Blue" holiday time band; and how early the accommodation has been banked;
  • 35.What is the benefits of being a Club member ?
    As a Club member you will save lot of money through our membership when you are on a holiday. If you are our member you will have the choice of yours not like the time share companies.
  • 36.How long My Holiday Club in Travel Trade ?
    We are in the travel industry from 2001 onward.